January 11 Meditation (Rami Ismail)

January 11 Meditation (Rami Ismail)

January 11 Meditation (Rami Ismail)

“Some choices are terrifying no matter what you try.”

Today’s game for Rami Ismail’s game-a-day calendar Meditations is from Rami Ismail, a person many people in the video games community know (including me) and many more people know of. It’s difficult to go about a normal life with so many eyes on you, to have the private made public. Many people know what kind of a year Rami had in 2018, which will probably give many players of today’s game a context to apply to it.

What I don’t know is if you would get any sense of that from the game alone.

When you load the game, you see a pixellated hand, index finger pointed downwards, moving up and down above what looks like a space bar. Press space, and a big red no symbol (you know the one: a circle with a line through it) appears. Press space again before that disappears, and the screen turns red too. For me, this is when the game shut itself down.


Below the short intro to Rami’s game, however, was a warning that read “This Meditation could be stressful, and could feature loud sounds & flashing lights.” So I had guessed that the game might differ between players.

And so, where my game closed after that second interaction, for another player that was just the beginning. The red subsided, the no symbol disappeared… and then the space bar started to tilt. It actually made me feel a little uncomfortable to watch, though not as uncomfortable as I felt when more pointing fingers began to fly into the screen.

Some choices are terrifying no matter what you try. But the message I get from this game seems darker. Maybe other players will have had more positive experiences. Maybe I could have one myself, if I played it a few more times. But I think I’ll let this one lie.