January 25 Meditation (Laura Voss, Simon Pederick, Ben Harmon)

January 25 Meditation (Laura Voss, Simon Pederick, Ben Harmon)

January 25 Meditation (Laura Voss, Simon Pederick, Ben Harmon)

Happy birthday to Laura Voss, who – together with Simon Pederick and Ben Harmon – made today’s Meditation!

Of course, while I played this Meditation with breakfast, Laura is based in Melbourne where it’s currently evening. Time zones still fascinate me, perhaps because I’ve never travelled more than one or two hours away! And because I spend so much time online that I tend to think of the internet as my door to the wider world, but every now and then I remember that there’s a whole side of the world I never really see.

(This also prompted me to check the FAQs for Meditations, to answer a question that has been lingering in the back of my mind: When does each day’s Meditation go live? Apparently at 12am GMT, everywhere.)

Today’s Meditation is a 2D train ride through a beautiful Australian landscape, another application for the traditional video game palette of orange and blue. You can speed up and slow down to catch glimpses of landmarks and creatures among the trees. I especially love the sounds of those animals, and the train itself.

I will probably never go to Australia. I know it’s a beautiful country with an interesting but upsetting history (tomorrow is Australia Day, a good excuse to read up), populated with friends I haven’t met. But I’m pretty sure I’d be particularly bad at coping with jet lag, and I know I’m not good with heat.

It reached more than 40 degrees celsius (more than 100F) in Melbourne today.

It can feel hard to imagine when it’s currently pretty chilly in the UK, but Australia is experiencing an extreme heatwave. And I know it’s easy to feel like individual action on climate change has no effect, but it does if our individual actions are part of a collective moment, especially if that trend makes those in power take notice. So use your tumble dryer less often. Eat less meat. Cut back on unnecessary travel. Maybe don’t go to Australia.