January 8 Meditation (Lucas Gullbo)

January 8 Meditation (Lucas Gullbo)

January 8 Meditation (Lucas Gullbo)

Friends will know that I don’t get on with dogs. Some of them are very cute to look at, but I rarely want to touch them (it’s a germ thing), and I resent the frequent expectation that you’re supposed to appreciate – or at least politely endure – a muddy slobbering hairy animal jumping at you when its owner opens the door.

That said, virtual dogs are fine. And Lucas’ game (about a beloved family dog) is very sweet.

All you do is run (left click) and bark (right click), but why would you need more?

I love how much detail has gone into this pixellated world: the falling snow, the swaying grass, the sound of the river under the bridge! The dog itself is just a jagged yellow shape, but characterful as it moves from sitting to bounding and barks to dislodge the birds which

a) look like ducks, which reminded me of this very good recent Twitter thread:

b) reminded me of a walk I took through a bird reserve over the holidays (on which there were a lot of dogs):

2018-12-26 15.18.18.jpg