February 16 Meditation (Ham McIntyre)

February 16 Meditation (Ham McIntyre)

February 16 Meditation (Ham McIntyre)

This morning, Twitter is talking about Tetris.

Specifically, Twitter is talking about Tetris 99, Nintendo’s new battle royale game that honestly sounds like it could have started as a joke but which has become something fascinating and fierce.

I was excited to play today’s Meditation, from Ham McIntyre, because the intro described moving house and unpacking boxes, and we all know I love a good organisation session. You don’t get to actually unpack items and tidy them away, however. It’s more representative than that: a pixellated photo of a wooden floor, on which simple boxes – brown, black, grey, white – steadily appear. The boxes disappear – with a Game Boy-style ping – when clicked, although some require multiple taps.

When I recently played Tetris Effect with some friends, I commented – vaguely, pretentiously – that Tetris was the perfect metaphor for life, or at least life as I often interpret it: you work to clear away obligations as best you can, but there are always more on their way. Ham’s game is like that. Even if you empty the floor of boxes, more will still appear.

I’m not actually sure if there’s an end to it. I played for a good while, unable to avoid letting my mind stray to my current “endless” game of choice (The Sims 4), but no end was apparent. I even stopped trying, and let the floor fill with boxes, which is also an effective metaphor for life.

I’ll leave the browser open to see if/when it ever ends, but I can’t promise I’ll see it through. I have other obligations to clear away.

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