February 18 Meditation (Jord Farrell, Mark Sparling)

February 18 Meditation (Jord Farrell, Mark Sparling)

February 18 Meditation (Jord Farrell, Mark Sparling)

Today’s Meditation makes me think of my journal.

Today’s Meditation is from two people (Jord Farrell and Mark Sparling), so I don’t know who wrote the intro, but I’m going to assume Jord because it looks like Mark is a sound person. The intro reads:

Hi, I have had a rough couple of months. Thus I decided I would make something that is based around what gets me through the hard times. I hope this helps whomever needs it.

I like the form of this one, in which moving the little figure at the centre around reveals words that complete thoughts or answer questions. This is where I am reminded of my journal, which asks me one question per day over five years, so that now I am looking back at the past three years of answers to the same questions and reliving feelings from a more and more comfortable distance.

February 18 Meditation Jord Farrell Mark Sparling 2.png

What are you searching for? Entertainment? Fame? Money? Joy? Safety? Honestly, these are the kinds of questions I ask myself, and not only in a few lines a night when I write in my journal. But it is interesting to see how my leanings have differed or not and wonder: would I rather be consistent, or is it better to embrace how my motivations have changed?

Whoever wrote the intro for today’s Meditation, I presume those rough couple of months took place last year, moving further and further into the past. I hope things have improved since then.