February 26 Meditation (nonoise)

February 26 Meditation (nonoise)

February 26 Meditation (nonoise)

Have you ever been surrounded by people and yet felt alone?

Well, of course you have. One of the many things I learned when I grew up is that this experience didn’t actually make me unique. And creator nonoise may not have meant to convey this particular feeling in today’s Meditation, but I’m sure I won’t be the only one to interpret it that way.

February 26 Meditation nonoise intro.png

The intro tells us this Meditation is set at an international art fair. The fair is laid out in a grid, with narrow corridors that you can’t pass through if someone is coming the other way. The Meditation opens on a small clearing populated with brightly coloured stick figures looking at a black rectangle on the wall (presumably an artwork – all the rectangles are black).

One of the brightly coloured people stands a little further back, but that’s not you. You are all in black, indistinguishable from those that move down the many corridors. You might navigate these corridors for a long while before coming upon another clearing with a shape on the ground whose diagonal orientation combined with the pixellated art style makes it look jagged. There’s a window on the wall, and a person the same colour as the one who stood further back from the painting looks out. You press a button and the curtains close, and the jagged shape pulls back to reveal stairs down into the darkness.

Down there, you find a blurry, shadowy world, and a group of dark figures beside a silhouette – walk into it, and the game closes. I assume that the player character returns to their group and the day continues as normal.

When I was a small child, maybe five or six, I got in trouble at school and was told to stand outside the classroom until the teacher told me to come back in. I promptly walked off down the hall and went on a little journey around my school. I could have walked home – I lived the next road over – but I didn’t. I think I just wanted to exercise my freedom. It was important to me, the feeling that I could just walk away. It always has been.

February 26 Meditation nonoise 2.png