March 13 Meditation (thais, dan, andre yin, magno, thommaz kaufmann)

March 13 Meditation ( thais ,  dan ,  andre yin ,  magno ,  thommaz kaufmann )

March 13 Meditation (thais, dan, andre yin, magno, thommaz kaufmann)

I’ve lately had a bit of a soft spot for cat-related things. I’ll never actually get a cat, because I’m allergic and generally averse to the idea of having animals living in my house with me, but I’m currently rehearsing for a local amateur production of the musical Cats, and I guess spending two nights a week crawling around pretending to be a cat has put me in a feline frame of mind.


I got to try on my costume last night. I play Tantomile, a name T.S. Eliot apparently came up with for a witch’s cat. At one point in the show, my twin (Coricopat) and I sing, “Jellicle cats are white and black,” so our costumes are white and black. Mostly black. We look a bit like Postman Pat’s cat Jess, which is fine by me.

There’s a black-and-white cat in today’s Meditation. Or, well, it’s more purple and white, to fit with the game’s generally pink and purple colour scheme. You control this cat, and a smaller pink cat that mirrors the first cat’s every move but can’t quite jump as high. It’s another fairly common indie game mechanic, forcing you to use the environment to nudge the cats into the right positions to press buttons that open doors to the next level, but with a comical twist: if the cats meet, they fight, and the level resets.


Unfortunately, I had little time or patience this morning to actually finish the game (I ended up resorting to trial and error, jumping around until something worked rather than sitting back and actually thinking through a solution), so there may be more to it than that. But I feel like this is the kind of thing I could show to my fellow cast members – some of them might even like it! Alas, the need to download the Meditations launcher plus the restriction of only being able to play it on this day is probably too much of an obstacle for them, but it’s a nice idea. I suppose we’ll have to stick to pretend to being cats (sometimes even ones who fight) ourselves.