March 15 Meditation (JohnLee Cooper)

March 15 Meditation – Mac version ( JohnLee Cooper )

March 15 Meditation – Mac version (JohnLee Cooper)

Today’s Meditation is different on Mac vs PC!

I loaded it up on my Mac first, and was presented with a Bitsy game: a pink room populated with white figures, one of which I could walk up to another to then be presented with a still image of (I think, it’s very pixellated) of some person stabbing some other person in the neck. Given the quote from the intro is from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, I’m gonna say one of these people is Caesar and the other one is Brutus.

March 15 Meditation JohnLee Cooper Mac 2.png

As I often end up doing, I popped onto Twitter to find out if there was anything I’d missed. And the tweets seemed to be about a totally different game! Actually, it was more interesting than that. Their tweets seemed to be about a game that contained the game I’d played, a 3D room that had the Bitsy game projected on a wall. So I loaded up Meditations on my PC instead and there it was, a 3D room that I could walk around in (and not much else; I couldn’t interact with the Bitsy game on the wall, and leaving the room ended the game).

March 15 Meditation – PC version (JohnLee Cooper)

March 15 Meditation – PC version (JohnLee Cooper)

I’m definitely much more interested in the meta of this one than the game(s) itself, but I guess that’s okay.