March 18 Meditation (Marina Kittaka)

March 18 Meditation ( Marina Kittaka )

March 18 Meditation (Marina Kittaka)

I expected to hate today’s Meditation, but it turned out to be far more familiar than it looks.

I don’t know what words you use to describe the visual style of today’s Meditation, but I know that I don’t like it. Deliberate ugliness definitely has its place, and can be used to say interesting things, but… it’s ugly. It makes me expect something too abstract for me to understand.

But while I might not recognise these four little differently coloured characters as any creature in particular, I know what it means to position a group of little characters opposite one big one. I can interpret their responses to pressing the arrow keys as moves: attack? Different attack? Heal?

While I don’t like this particular aesthetic, I do like exploring how little you need to have to recognise something as a member of a particular class. Genre is much debated in games – what is a roguelike? – but I guess the philosopher in me continues to find these conversations interesting.