March 21 Meditation (Malath Abbas, Albert Elwin, Tom deMajo)

March 21 Meditation ( Malath Abbas ,  Albert Elwin ,  Tom deMajo )

March 21 Meditation (Malath Abbas, Albert Elwin, Tom deMajo)

One of the best things about Meditations is that it is gently encouraging people from different cultures to play games made by people from different cultures.

I don’t think I had even heard of the Bahá'í Faith before today, but I should have predicted that sooner or later Meditations would teach me about a holiday I didn’t know about. According to Malath Abbas, the creator of today’s Meditation, the Bahá'í Faith New Year follows a nineteen-day fast that is a reminder of “hope, forbearance and joy”. Spring is a good time to think about hope, Malath says.

This game initially felt tranquil, and then when I tried to take a screenshot I found that pressing any button makes a circle appear on the screen with a loud staticky sound. And I pressed more buttons, and more circles appeared, and those circles vibrated unpleasantly. And it began to feel like some kind of virus. I tapped and tapped and tapped, and made more and more circles appear, because there was nothing else I could do, and then suddenly, the screen changed to a pale blue, filled with bouncing balls with smiling faces on them, and the sound of laughter. The change we had been hoping for?

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