March 23 Meditation (Yvan Corsiglia, Amaury Charmetant, La Chaouée)

March 23 Meditation ( Yvan Corsiglia ,  Amaury Charmetant ,  La Chaouée )

I don’t really like karaoke.

If you know much about me at all, you probably know that I do like to sing. I’ve sung in choirs on and off for my whole life, which has sometimes included solos. A couple of years ago I started doing musical theatre again for the first time since childhood, and I got a main part in my first show (Oklahoma, Ado Annie – the girl who “cain’t say no”).

But it feels like karaoke is for people who don’t sing. Not necessarily people who can’t sing, although that seems to be the stereotype, but people for whom singing is only an occasional activity, for whom karaoke is a way to get out of their shell if only for the night. If I’m a person who regularly stands on a stage and sings, then why would I do it in a group of people who don’t? I’ve tried it a few times, mostly at Marioke (a very fun event where the lyrics of popular songs are rewritten to be about video games), but I don’t tend to do it anymore.

I think there’s a part of me that feels like karaoke is no place for someone who a) doesn’t drink, and b) apparently sings pretty well. And there’s another part of me that has had a lifelong complex over part b); no matter how many people compliment my singing, no matter how many auditions I get, there’s a voice in my head telling me I actually can’t sing for shit. And that voice sounds like a person I know.

That said, I love to sing, and I love this game-like representation of someone singing away their demons.

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