March 25 Meditation (izzy neuhaus)

March 25 Meditation ( izzy neuhaus )

March 25 Meditation (izzy neuhaus)

Yesterday I went full cat.

We had a four-hour rehearsal yesterday, for the amateur production of Cats my musical theatre group is putting on here in Leamington, and the first hour was a costume call. We all put on our bodysuits and various furry accoutrements, painted our faces, and donned wigs or backcombed our hair. All of which to say, while I’m still allergic to actual cats (and will be taking medication today so that I can visit someone very important to me who happens to be staying in a house that has two of them), I’m definitely warming to them as a concept.

And today’s Meditation, a tribute to the creator’s friend’s cat, is adorable. It’s all hand-drawn in what looks like crayon, and the cat smiles when you move the hand cursor over it (though it does also mew and move away from you at relative speed, so it may not be as happy as it seems).

Apparently the creator’s Twitter account is currently suspended, so I don’t know what’s going on there, but the game is cute, so I’ll take it as it is.