March 31 Meditation (thecatamites)

March 31 Meditation ( thecatamites )

March 31 Meditation (thecatamites)

I’m going to take this opportunity – of yet another Meditation about a cat – to continue to talk about my upcoming participation in a local amateur production of Cats.

For our most recent rehearsal of Cats our usual rehearsal venue was inaccessible, so we were invited to rehearse in the actual theatre that we’ll be performing in next week. It was strange to be on that stage with no scenery and only a few of us in costume, but we did have a few props, including the box I pop out of during the song about Mr. Mistoffelees (the magical cat) so I got to try that for the first time to much delight.

For all that I don’t have as much affinity with cats as – it sometimes seems – literally everybody else I know, I do sometimes feel quite catlike. I’m popping out of a box because I’m very bendy – a party trick at school was to fold myself inside of lockers (and I suppose there’s something there about the subversion of the American high school movie trope of bullies pushing people into and inside of lockers). If I fits, I sits. I also like to sit on top of things: counters, desks, what have you.

The cat in today’s Meditation likes to be on top of people’s shoulders, much like the cats in the AirBnb my friends recently stayed in. You play as both cat and person. Left and right causes the person to tilt, potentially so far that the cat slides right off. Down causes the cat to crouch down, much as I have had to do many times in the past six months, although it does not prevent the cat from sliding off the shoulders.