April 16 Meditation (Renaud Marshall)

April 16 Meditation ( Renaud Marshall )

April 16 Meditation (Renaud Marshall)

I wish these clay targets would shatter.

Today’s Meditation is a tribute to Annie Oakley, the famous American sharpshooter who – among other things – apparently hit 100 clay targets in a row at the age of 62, in 1922 (on this date, according to the intro). 100 clay targets fly across the screen, and you must click on them to shoot them down.

Sadly, a successfully shot target does not shatter but rather fades away, which might not have disappointed me so much had I not taken quite so long to get the counter at the bottom of the screen up to 100. I longed for something slightly more exciting to see (and hear, as every successful shot sounds the same, as does every shot missed) while I stared at the screen, tense in case the next target was one of those that seemed to fly across my vision much faster than the rest.

But most tragic of all, after numerous attempts to get my number of successive successful shots up to Annie’s 100, I finally hit that final target and… the game just closed, without even a pause long enough to take a screenshot. I’m afraid you’ll just have to believe me.