April 21 Meditation (Ryan Maloney, Lexie Zarow, Rachel Ellis, Seven Siegel)

This feels like one level of abstraction too far.

I love the idea of a cloud-watching game. It makes me think of Pol Clarissou’s Wish Fishing, which I first played at Now Play This in 2017. In that game, you type a question and – after a beautiful animation of a person fishing through stars and other people’s questions – receive an answer in symbols that you can then use a glossary to interpret.

In today’s Meditation you describe passing clouds using heiroglyphics. So both games use symbols, but where one uses them to answer non-abstract questions, here you use them to describe abstract shapes. I’m sure that most of us have looked up at the sky and compared these abstract shapes to concrete ones, but I don’t see the reason to pair them with other shapes that – for most of us at least – are similarly meaningless.