April 24 Meditation (John Cooney)

April 24 Meditation ( John Cooney )

April 24 Meditation (John Cooney)

What brings you joy?

Yesterday, I tweeted:

Besides dispelling the myth that people who play video games do so to the exclusion of all else, the replies to this were also just lovely to read. Some of the offered hobbies were more unusual, but most were pretty normal: crafts, music, sports.

Today’s Meditation is about finding joy through riding a bike, and it’s not what I expected. Instead of a 2D or 3D bike ride through some beautiful environment, it’s a zoomed-in, relatively abstract representation of the gears. The pedals swing around, and when one of them enters a cone on the circular gears you click, and the pedals speed up. A meter around a heart in the centre fills as the speed increases, and at a certain point the gear shifts. You keep shifting gears, pedalling faster and faster and then slower and then faster again, until the chain comes off.

I still remember how excited I was to have a bike with gears. And I remember being a child who lived in the countryside, who cycled up and down a muddy driveway through the woods. I have no reason to have a bike now – everywhere I go is either a five-minute walk or an hour-plus train – and nowhere to store one even if I did, but maybe one day I will have that feeling again.