April 26 Meditation (Sos)

April 26 Meditation ( Sos )

April 26 Meditation (Sos)

What facts affected the direction of your life before you were even born?

I have a five-year journal that asks me a different question on each day of the year, and you answer the same question on that date for five years. I’m in my fourth year. Sometimes my answers change a lot, and sometimes they don’t. Recently one of the questions was “Is life fair?”, to which my answer has never changed. Of course it isn’t, not as long as the accidents of your birth can affect the direction of your life.

It’s already unfair enough that being born in a particular country can make your life much more difficult than that of someone born elsewhere. But throughout history there have been events that have affected an entire generation. I was thinking about this recently when a podcast I listen to mentioned Thalidomide.

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Sos says in the intro to today’s Meditation that in Poland children and pregnant women were given iodine, but Sos’ mother didn’t know she was pregnant so she didn’t get any.

In this Meditation, you walk around a picturesque pixellated countryside environment, and then the cloud hits.