April 28 Meditation (Elisée Maurer)

April 28 Meditation ( Elisée Maurer )

April 28 Meditation (Elisée Maurer)

Is there a limit to how high you can climb?

In today’s Meditation, you use your mouse to grab the hands and feet of a stick person and attach them to holds that enable them to climb higher and higher. It’s not a particularly realistic representation of climbing, but it made me miss it all the same. I have friends who go bouldering, but what I loved about climbing was scaling the high walls, getting to the very top and looking down, taking on more and more challenging routes. I love heights, and I love to achieve things.

Given figuring out the best way up a climbing wall is kind of like a puzzle, it makes sense that someone would make a game like this. But today’s Meditation isn’t really about the physical act of climbing. Elisée writes of finding it hard to let go, and to “stop chasing after what’s out of reach”. You are supposed to end today’s Meditation by detaching your stick person from the holds and letting them fall into the waiting water below. They’re happy, I suppose because the lowest holds are too high for them to consider climbing back up again, and that gives them a valid excuse to just stay right where they are.

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