April 29 Meditation (Baptiste Billet, Thomas Dupont)

April 29 Meditation ( Baptiste Billet ,  Thomas Dupont )

April 29 Meditation (Baptiste Billet, Thomas Dupont)

I managed to go back and finish today’s Meditation in a better way, but I had to turn to my PC to fix the music.

Another day, another Meditation that uses jigsaw puzzles to represent a more abstract idea, in this case the notion of fitting in and celebrating/excluding difference. At first, the jigsaws are simple: the colourful pieces fit together with ease, and the cheerful music (if you’re playing on a PC, not a Mac) is punctuated with a happy jingle upon completion.

But then you’re presented with pieces that don’t fit together so traditionally. Trained on games, I assumed there was a solution and found one by placing the pieces back to back, their non-fitting edges facing outwards. So far so good. But on the final puzzle I fell: the game offered me a pair of scissors, and I used them, and the screen turned grey. Had I played this first game on a PC, I would have heard a single harsh sound to further emphasise my mistake.

April 29 Meditation (Baptiste Billet, Thomas Dupont) 2.png

Of course, the intro does say “there’s always a way out”, so I reloaded the game and realised there was a happier solution. It’s certainly a nice idea to think that’s always true.