April 4 Meditation (Picogram)

April 4 Meditation ( Picogram )

April 4 Meditation (Picogram)

Tomorrow I get to see someone I’ve known since I was seventeen.

If that doesn’t sound particularly noteworthy, I get it. But I moved around a lot when I was growing up, never spending more than four or five years in one place, so I don’t really have friends from childhood. I don’t have a hometown as such. My family doesn’t even live in the town where I met this friend anymore.

All of this to say: I don’t really know what it’s like to “go home”, as today’s Meditation is about. But this game manages to convey what I imagine it would feel like. It’s set in Hawaii, and as you play you hear the sound of the sea and people chatting. You hop off a bus and look for people you know, gathering them up with you, and then you get back on the bus and leave. Each time you return to the island, more and more of the previously colourful figures have turned white, unrecognisable to you. After more return trips, you have fewer friends to find.

Places change, with or without you.