April 30 Meditation (Silver Dragon)

April 30 Meditation ( Silver Dragon )

April 30 Meditation (Silver Dragon)

So many of these Meditations have required fixing during their day of release that I can’t help but feel sorry for those in other time zones who might have to miss sleep to play a working version.

Fittingly, I’m pretty sure today’s Meditation is about setbacks. The intro reads: “I make games as a hobby and I remember this day being a bit rough. This meditation is based on a conversation I had with a friend that day.”

The game loads with a small rectangle and an encouragement to press the enter key. When you do so, you add another small rectangle to the shape. Keep pressing, and more rectangles will appear.

April 30 Meditation (Silver Dragon) 2.png

But sometimes pressing enter will remove the last. I don’t think this has anything to do with skill or doing it “wrong”. I think it’s supposed to represent that whole “two steps forward, one step back” notion. Sometimes there are setbacks. But you should keep going, the game seems to say, because that’s how you bloom like other people are.

This morning, when the game was broken, you didn’t have to press enter at all. It just went straight to blooming. Maybe it happens that way for some people, or maybe we just think it does.

Silver Dragon https://twitter.com/S1lv3rOff