April 7 Meditation (Francois van Niekerk)

April 7 Meditation ( Francois van Niekerk )

April 7 Meditation (Francois van Niekerk)

The intro for today’s Meditation is gloomier than the game itself.

Francois van Niekerk writes:

Sometimes it feels like the world is pushing you around and you’re just along for the ride. Forwards… backwards… moving on… returning to the same place again… Even when it feels like you lack all control, love can still find you. If that happens, will you be ready for it?

But the game itself is a simple, colourful puzzle game in which you try to unite squares of the same colours (which we take to be romantic couples, since when they are joined their sleepy faces become heart-shaped eyes and heart-filled thought balloons). The arrow keys make every square on screen move, if they have the space to do so, and when you unite a couple there’s a satisfying “pop” sound, and a heart counter fills to show how many couples you’ve made. A couple once made can be divided, however, so the game is to shuffle all these squares around in their own little enclosures until no one is alone. Luckily for me (since I have to leave very soon to spend twelve hours in a theatre), you don’t have to think too hard to get the job done.