May 12 Meditation (Joarez Ceccato Santini)


I suppose today’s Meditation is about trying not to have regrets.

The intro reads:

When we lose the person that we thought we would spend the rest of our life with, we try to forget all of our memories, we try to “move on”. But what we should really do is look back and realize how it was important to make you the person you are today.

I assumed, perhaps because I’ve been there, that this was about a breakup. When the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with is still around, just no longer tied to you, you do try to forget. It feels strange and self-punishing to dwell on memories of a person who has walked away from you. But, as the creator points out, eventually – hopefully – you learn to accept that relationship as just part of the history that made you who you are.

Two butterflies fly, turning every time you click, one on a left click and one on a right. When they come into contact, circles of colour grow around them. At some point, they separate, and one disappears. The survivor falls to the ground in a chrysalis, and is – after much coaxing – reborn. They fly, and a circle of colour grows around them. Alternate between left- and right-click, and the colour changes. I suppose this represents the lessons the butterfly who is left learned from the one who did the leaving.

It’s a pretty illustration of the concept, but something about it rubbed me the wrong way. I think the association between each colour and its butterfly left me feeling like the message was that the remaining butterfly had taken something directly from the other, rather than the experience of the relationship having given them their own personal growth. I suppose I just would not want to feel as though some part of my ex partner was still in my life.