May 13 Meditation (Lianne Booton)

May 13 Meditation ( Lianne Booton )

May 13 Meditation (Lianne Booton)

Lately I’ve been experiencing obsessive thoughts.

Not about a past relationship as in today’s Meditation – although I’ve been there – but about problems that are pretty minor all things considered but upon which, bereft of a satisfying solution, my mind has fixated, going over and over and over and over and over

The creator writes of some person wandering by each day like “a stray dog” in their thoughts. Twitter provides added context, and confirms that the game is about loss. The game itself is a series of scenes, mostly black and white. A first-person perspective of a computer, a hand on the mouse, papers on the desk, a bird perched outside the window. A figure, only their face visible, shuffling and smiling. A view across a train carriage, I think, of the passengers on the other side of the aisle. And a person lying in bed, breathing, smiling, with dancing lights behind them.

Press a button on your keyboard and the scenes advance, and cycle. Nothing much changes in the first and the last, but the view in the third zooms in closer and closer, and the figure in the second is slowly obscured by rising lines of colourful static.

As you cycle through the scenes, the slow music is joined by the sounds of static, which honestly feels like the perfect soundtrack to this kind of obsessive thought. And when it finally stops it stops suddenly, which feels like the only way it can.