May 14 Meditation (Alon Karmi)

May 14 Meditation ( Alon Karmi )

May 14 Meditation (Alon Karmi)

I love the idea of a game set in a country beset by political upheaval that’s ostensibly not about those politics.

Not in a Ubisoft pretending that The Division is apolitical kind of way, but a game set in a country that those of us in the West tend only to think of in the context of scary-sounding far-off news stories, but which isn’t about that news.

Today’s Meditation is a snapshot of that kind of game, one that creator Alon Karmi would like to make but hasn’t the resources. It’s a single scene, a first-person perspective from someone lying on the floor and – judging by the blood spatters on the ground – bleeding out. Or maybe the wounded figure standing above you, lit from behind by fireworks, is the one who left those marks. Yours is jammed (or not?), but eventually a gunshot does ring out and the screen goes black.

Without context, this scene is open to interpretation. But the creator has written an intro that lays out their story in such a way that even though I still lack the cultural context to properly understand it, I’m fascinated by the prospect. If you are too, it looks like Alon Karmi is finally getting to make their game about Israel, coming soon: