May 15 Meditation (Claire Barilla, Brianna Fromont, Tom O'Brien)

Content warning: suicide.

Today’s Meditation comes with a detailed, emotive description of the three vivid memories the creator has chosen to share with the world. But even without those, the game itself is so well designed that you could pick up the main threads even without any words at all.

Most of us will know how it feels to have some memories that are so strong, so often revisited, that we can reconstruct the scene in detail, and it’s clear that’s what the creator has done here. All you can do is walk through each scene and through a door into the next, and nothing else even moves at all, but you can read each room. Two people utterly distraught in a kitchen, one leaning on a counter, one sunk to the floor. A dark night, two people outside the house, one with head in hands, one looking at the crowd within. A sunny day in a huge park, two people scattering ashes to the wind.

Playing through these memories can offer us some way to get a sense of what this experience might be like, but I hope most of all that it helped the person whose memories they are.