May 16 Meditation (Kris Dikeman)

May 16 Meditation ( Kris Dikeman )

May 16 Meditation (Kris Dikeman)

Today’s Meditation is, I think, the closest I have come to saying “this isn’t a game”.

If you look solely at the level of interaction, it’s probably on par with others: you click once – on a round button – and the game plays itself out. Like other Meditations, this is a series of scenes, although these advance themselves. So perhaps it’s the visual style throwing me off. It’s abstract, a series of what look like simple paintings with a pink ball in the centre that then distorts, the image rippling out from the centre like water. Synth music. And then they stop. If you wait for long enough, they start again.

The intro reads:

To me, May is a hopeful month. A time for planting seeds, planning trips. The 16th, sitting right in the middle, is the high point.

So I suppose the pink ball in the centre of the images might be a seed planted, or represent the day itself, snug in the middle of the month. Either way, I’m not sold. But I’m sold on May. It’s been a good month for me so far.