May 20 Meditation (Geneva Heyward)

May 20 Meditation ( Geneva Heyward )

May 20 Meditation (Geneva Heyward)

Have you ever cut somebody out of your life?

Today’s Meditation is a repeating cycle of three still images depicting three scenes, each drawn like quick sketches on Post-It notes that spin from side to side. In the first, a person with glasses – seen from behind, so I assumed it was the protagonist of the story (the creator of the Meditation?) – is happy to see three people, most notably we presume the one in the middle wearing a cap, grinning, and holding up their hand. In the second, the person with the glasses and the person with the cap are at a concert, singing along. In the third, the person with glasses and another person look upset, their backs turned to the person with the cap who is walking off screen.

You progress to the next image by holding down the left mouse button, which makes the screen shake and a bar fill until the current image falls away to reveal the next. The creator writes in the intro of how hard it was to cut off “toxic high school friends”, to watch them “do the same awful things over and over again”. I suppose this shaky prolonged clicking is meant to represent the difficulty of moving through that cycle. Each time the three scenes repeat, the images get darker. Eventually, they stop. The game ends.

“Sometimes it’s just best to let go,” the creator writes.

This, I get. I don’t have toxic high school friends because I… don’t really have high school friends. But there certainly are and have been toxic people in my life. And I, like the creator, have tried to solve problems that can’t be solved, have become stuck in cycles until I decided to just let go.