May 22 Meditation (Marlon Ruvalcaba)

May 22 Meditation ( Marlon Ruvalcaba )

May 22 Meditation (Marlon Ruvalcaba)

Weddings are expensive.

I may be opening myself up for future embarrassment here if I ever change my mind, but right now how I feel is that even if I were ever to get married I would not want a wedding. And one of the main reasons is the expense. For me, personally, the average wedding just seems like a huge waste of money.

That said! I do like to attend other people’s weddings. I like to celebrate love. And I really enjoyed reading the story of Lucy Knisley’s own wedding in her graphic novel Something New (with thanks to KB for the recommendation). I just don’t see a future in which I would want to do it myself.

Today’s Meditation is about the cost of a wedding. You see a slightly blurry photo of a couple in wedding garb, in black and white but for the bouquet of red roses. At the bottom of the screen is a collection of coins. To one side, a bright green dollar sign. To the other, a card with a picture of a list on it. You begin by dragging the list over to the dollar sign, where it spawns more cards, each with a picture of a wedding expense: travel, accommodation, food, photography, etc. Each of these cards in turn then spawns more cards, and so on.

Eventually the cards disappear and you get a new screen with all the expenses laid out and a small button with the word “gracias”. Today’s Meditation is about the cost of a wedding, and about the people who were nevertheless happy to go through with it.