May 24 Meditation (Jon Tetrino)

May 24 Meditation ( Jon Tetrino )

May 24 Meditation (Jon Tetrino)

Is the noise external or internal?

Today’s Meditation is a noisy one. The creator writes:

For years I was the subject of bullying from my peers and family. I held it in as long as I could, but eventually I couldn’t any longer. The noise was incessant. It hurt every part of me.

In the game, an oval-shaped face with two closed eyes sits in the centre of a staticky screen that slowly turns red. There’s constant noise, which I supposed at first to represent the jeers of bullies, but it seems too loud and obvious. For me, bullying was quiet, subtle. So perhaps these crowd sounds represent instead the noise inside one’s head.

Then again, are those noises so easily banished when you open your eyes and – with a single button press – demand that they shut up?