May 25 Meditation (Michael Arcadi, tsundere twintails)

May 25 Meditation ( Michael Arcadi ,  tsundere twintails )

May 25 Meditation (Michael Arcadi, tsundere twintails)

Where do you feel like you truly belong?

Today’s Meditation is about finding a place with lots of other people like you, and it feels apt that I’m playing it the day I returned home from Feral Vector, a games event that seems to really welcome people who might not feel as accepted elsewhere.

I also loved the style of this game. I think it’s set at some kind of convention, since the intro speaks of people in outfits “like halloween but with much more love”. You wander around what feels like a very open 3D space outside of a building, with paths and grass and trees, and dozens and dozens of people. The people are 2D, black-and-white features on the front and a black silhouette on the back, so you can always easily tell which way they’re facing, which leads to a striking effect when – for example – there are lots all standing in a queue. There’s a gentle sense of humour here too: the aforementioned queue is so long that those at the back are waiting up a tree.

But best of all, what you actually do in this game is to capture the event through photography. Right-click to lift your camera and look through it, left-click to take a photo, 15 in all before the game closes. More photography games please.