May 28 Meditation (Nabi Hamdi Mortan, Esen Andic-Mortan, Kukla)

May 28 Meditation ( Nabi Hamdi Mortan ,  Esen Andic-Mortan ,  Kukla )

Graphics quality: Watercolor.

Today’s Meditation is beautiful, both in how it looks and what it says. The intro speaks of cherishing time with loved ones, and the text at the end of the game reaffirms the sentiment. The game itself is a couple of watercolour scenes in which you interact with another person. Whether or not these people represent actual people in the lives of the creators, I wasn’t sure, but the scenes have the feel of memories, so grounded are they in their particular settings. The first, in particular: a cafe by the edge of the water, a boat called Izmir, a tower with a clock. The sounds the creators have used are described as: “Waves slamming gently at the edge of Bosphorus at Bebek, Istanbul.”

I liked that the people spoke in symbols rather than words, removing the need to worry about translation but also making these moments of enjoying another person’s company feel more general, the brushstrokes of a familiar interaction: food, the weather, music, love.