May 29 Meditation (Nathan Pasko)

May 29 Meditation ( Nathan Pasko )

May 29 Meditation (Nathan Pasko)

I had to look up how to play pogs.

I was born in 1990, right at the beginning of the decade in which this game was being banned in schools, so surely I must have come into contact with it at some point during my childhood. I feel as though if I strain my neglected long-term memory I can conjure up a hazy image of muddling through an approximation of pogs, maybe with some extended family or childhood friends I no longer see or could even name. But it seems just as likely that the image comes from a film or television show instead, my subconscious offering me a childhood I never actually had.

Still, I would have loved these pogs, decorated with images from NASA. Weirdly, I was actually looking at NASA’s image gallery just yesterday, vaguely searching for inspiration for my next cross stitch project after I finally finished the below gift for the wonderful Chella Ramanan:


Anyway, pogs. WikiHow tells me you’re supposed to stack them face down so that you get the satisfaction of seeing the pogs you’ve won by flipping them right side up. But given how terrible I am at this virtual pogs, I’m glad it stacks them right side up. In fact, I made my own fun by showering them onto the tabletop to see just how many different kinds there are. In this virtual approximation of an experience I may have never had, I can have as many pogs as I’d like.

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