May 31 Meditation (Adam Boyne, Kevin Macleod)

May 31 Meditation ( Adam Boyne ,  Kevin Macleod )

May 31 Meditation (Adam Boyne, Kevin Macleod)

I love ten-second games.

Technically, today’s Meditation is a 9.72-second game, to reflect the amount of time it took Usain Bolt to run 100 meters on this day 11 years ago. So I guess I should say that I love games that are about ten seconds long.

A couple of years ago, one of my favourite video game events – Now Play This – had a whole room dedicated to games that take ten seconds to play. As you’d expect, a lot of these games were about time itself. A favourite of mine was Sandcastles, in which you dragged your fingers on a touch screen to build but after ten seconds the sea came along to wash it all away. Another was Morning Makeup Madness, a game from Jenny Jiao Hsia in which you have ten seconds to apply lipstick, blush, mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow to a face and are given a score at the end.

Today’s Meditation is a 2D platformer in which the abilities you need to get to the end aren’t available to you on your first run. So you run to collect them, and after 9.72 seconds are brought back to the start, at which point you can take a different route. Like so many of these short games, today’s Meditation is about time itself – the sense of a time record, as achieved by Usain bolt – but also about perseverance. Bolt is an incredible person, but he too had to try and try again before he achieved his goal.