May 9 Meditation (David McQuillan)

May 9 Meditation ( David McQuillan )

May 9 Meditation (David McQuillan)

I have a difficult relationship with the outdoors.

Growing up, “go play outside” so often meant “go watch your younger siblings”. We had an excellent treehouse in the woods at one point, and the council tore it down. When we lived on a regular road I rollerbladed, and when we lived in the countryside I rode my bike.

But I am a millennial, so now, of course, I am an adult who has no outdoor space to call my own. Leamington has a lovely park, but I definitely remembered that more often when I was playing Pokémon Go. I suppose I could go and read a book on a park bench, but as a young woman that feels like asking for trouble.

Besides, I’m allergic to the outdoors: at some point during the transition to adulthood – or maybe the move from the South to the Midlands – I also developed hay fever.

And I don’t do well with bugs. I respect their position in the ecosystem, sure, but I don’t want to get stung by a wasp or bitten by a midge. And I used to date someone who had parents in the Scottish highlands, so I know a bit about the midges there.

Today’s Meditation is a delightfully exaggerated representation of the Scottish midge, made giant and moved into space where it shoots colourful bullets at the player’s relatively tiny craft. You can shoot back, but since you control both the ship and your weapon with the mouse it’s probably a losing battle – at least it was for me. Maybe I should spend more time outdoors.