June 13 Meditation (Alex Carroll, Peter Chapman)

June 13 Meditation ( Alex Carroll ,  Peter Chapman )

June 13 Meditation (Alex Carroll, Peter Chapman)

Was I supposed to read into the silence at the end?

The intro to today’s Meditation offers nothing but the controls: “Press any button/key/mouse to move.” But the creator tweeted earlier today:

So the game is about anxiety (and hope). You control a cube with what look like a head and arms, holding down your button of choice to make it drag itself – and the smaller cubes attached to it – across the floor. It’s slow going, and certainly feels as though it would be easy to just stop, which I suppose is where the anxiety part comes in. At a certain point, for me, the music stopped, as if to suggest an end to the journey, but my cube still had a way to go before reaching the huge light that signalled the true end to the game (and presumably represented hope).

I didn’t leave my cube unmoving for long all told, so I don’t think I could have finished the game before the music stopped. So I wonder if I’m supposed to be read something into that period of silence at the end. Maybe the music keeps you going at first, but you can’t rely on it forever, and sometimes you have to keep dragging yourself onwards – even as your path gets steeper – without it?