June 14 Meditation (Brenden Gibbons)

June 14 Meditation ( Brenden Gibbons )

June 14 Meditation (Brenden Gibbons)

I’ve moved house more times than I can count, but I’ve never moved country.

I think of myself as pretty pro at moving house. I’m good at knowing what things to pack together so that the boxes don’t get too heavy. I love having a new space in which to arrange all of my belongings, and even enjoy having to get rid of those that don’t fit.

But I’ve never moved to a different country, and I know full well that comes with its own set of additional anxieties. One of my good friends is moving country in a couple of months, and her reports on her progress with the entire process sound endlessly stressful (though if you happen to be reading this: I never mind hearing about it!).

Today’s Meditation didn’t feel much like my own experience of moving house, but maybe it would feel more relatable had I moved country. In it, you stand in a large room, and boxes labelled with cartoon illustrations of various objects fall from above. And I’m not sure if there was something I was supposed to be doing – the introduction writes of sorting one’s life into boxes, but that seemed to have already been done – but all I really wanted to do was run into the boxes and send them flying. I wonder if my friend who’s moving country has ever had a similar temptation.