June 15 Meditation (Phatho Pukwana)

June 15 Meditation ( Phatho Pukwana )

June 15 Meditation (Phatho Pukwana)

The summer was silent on my Mac.

Today’s Meditation is introduced with a quote:

I remember having the familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

Opening on my Mac, there was no indication that this game was about the summer. There is a square in the centre of the screen, on which bobs a floating cuboid character that you can move by holding down the mouse button. There is also a blue diamond hovering in the air. Guide the character over to the diamond and it’ll disappear in sparks. And that’s it, as far as I can tell. The game doesn’t even end. You can still guide the character around, but nothing else happens.

In case this was another example of a game just not working very well on a Mac, I loaded it up on my PC. But it was more or less the same, a disappearing diamond and then nothing. The only difference was the sound of birds chirping every now and then, and a chime when the diamond disappeared. So at least this summer had sound.