June 16 Meditation (KiefferHugo)

June 16 Meditation ( KiefferHugo )

June 16 Meditation (KiefferHugo)

Today’s Meditation made me want to play The Sims. As if I ever need an excuse to go and play The Sims.

A few of these Meditations have been about moving, which I suppose is to be expected given game developers skew young and young people are being screwed over by lack of security in both jobs and housing. But while June 14th’s Meditation represented moving as a large room full of boxes that you could scatter by charging into them, today’s takes a much gentler approach.

You walk from room to room, pressing E to unpack a box, and are given a ghostly outline of a piece of furniture. Hover it over to your chosen position in the room, and click to place it down. As I mentioned on June 14, I love choosing where to place things in a new home. But there were a couple of features stopping me from enjoying this quite as much as I might. You can only open one box at a time, so you don’t know what else you’ll be placing int he room. And you can’t move things once you’ve clicked them down.

I suppose I could play the game again.

Or I could just go and play The Sims.