June 17 Meditation (George Batchelor)

June 17 Meditation ( George Batchelor )

June 17 Meditation (George Batchelor)

I played today’s bug-catching Meditation while listening to a conversation about Pokémon.

Okay, full disclosure: the conversation about Pokémon was on a podcast I host. But it tickled me that as my guest Laura Dale was explaining that the creator of Pokémon was inspired by a childhood spent catching bugs, I was walking a small child through tall grass looking for exclamation marks I could click on to catch a caterpillar.

This game is adorable, for all that the sounds became a little grating after a while. I liked that the other person catching caterpillars was just kind of there, also walking around in the long grass, neither following or leading my own character. I liked the amount of celebration given for each catch. And I liked seeing my collection of caterpillars piled up in the jar at the end (with the caveat that I hope they all lived to tell the tale).

June 17 Meditation (George Batchelor) 2.png