June 2 Meditation (James Wood)

June 2 Meditation ( James Wood )

June 2 Meditation (James Wood)

Turns out I really love a game where you smoothly scroll through a day/days in the lives of two people.

The creator writes of the “first encounter” with their soulmate, but this scene feels a lot more intentional than in May 26th’s Meditation. The two orbs are never far from each other, following the same path through the woods, one behind the other except where they come together, to sit by the fire.

There are two main things that I love about this game. One is the physicality of this miniature forest world atop a cube that you can rotate to get a better view while you scroll your mouse wheel to send the two on their journey through the trees. It feels like the kind of thing you could pick up in your hands, turning this way and that, maybe twisting a physical dial to progress the story.

The other, related, is that once you’ve scrolled your mouse wheel far enough to get these two to the fire in the centre, you begin to zoom out again and realise that the flames have been lit and night has fallen. Time has passed while you were too close to see anything, and now you scroll out again and they leave the woods. The world is the same, and yet things have changed.

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