June 20 Meditation (videodante)

June 20 Meditation ( videodante )

June 20 Meditation (videodante)

You can only give so much.

Today’s Meditation is introduced with a poem:

in the heat i plant flowers

and i find them hard to water.
i am not the rain,
i can only give so much.
but i do,
— videodante

In the game, you water flowers. I assumed – because of the poem, and because a meter appears beside the little gardener while they pour their watering can on one of the 16 squares of soil – that the limiting factor would be water. But even when the meter appeared empty, I was able to keep watering. But I wasn’t able to have 16 healthy flowers at the same time.

After watering a square, a green shoot will appear and grow into a flower, but then it will start to turn brown and eventually die. You cannot save the dying flowers. All you can do is wait for them to die and then begin again. You can never have a full garden, but you can always make sure you have some healthy flowers, as long as you just keep going.