June 5 Meditation (Joey Thompson)

June 5 Meditation ( Joey Thompson )

June 5 Meditation (Joey Thompson)

I wish cleaning up our planet was as simple as today’s Meditation.

Today is World Environment Day. Last year the theme was – unsurprisingly given the popularity of Blue Planet II – “Beat Plastic Pollution”. In today’s Meditation, you are a sole person in a park with a tree, a bench, and a recycling bin picking up discarded plastic bottles until the grass is clear and everything is good again.

Were it that easy. Climate crisis anxiety has been nudging me into spirals of intense depression on and off all year.

This year’s World Environment Day theme is “Beat Air Pollution”. Air pollution kills people in London, which is just one of many reasons I would never want to live there and feel very lucky that my work doesn’t require it. But then again, air pollution in Leamington is also above safe levels. Maybe now that we have some Green council members, the people with the power to do so will make changes to fix that. But change is slow, and far from simple.