Hi! I'm Jordan Erica Webber, because if I don't include my middle name then people assume I'm a man.

Mostly I'm a writer, mostly about video games, mostly for the Guardian. I also co-wrote (with Dan Griliopoulos) a book about philosophy and games that's due out in August 2017.

I also like to talk, whether in public or on camera. I'm the "resident gaming expert" on The Gadget Show! I've been on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour and BBC Radio 5 Live and the Guardian's Tech Weekly.

Outside of all that, people know me for my baking. Sometimes I get paid to make treats for events, but mostly I do it for fun. And compliments.

Are you a games journalist? You should talk to me about my transcription services. You know you hate doing it yourself, and I'm the fastest around.

I've been doing this stuff since 2012. Before that, I got a first-class degree in Philosophy with Psychology from the University of Warwick.

Before that, well, I don't know you well enough for that.

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